Joanna Seitz


10.16 Taylor Macklin at Paris International; Paris, France

09.16 Blood, sweat and tears, curated by Isabel and Sophie Lynch, Art Gallery of Guelph; Guelph, ON

03.16 A new job to unwork at, curated by Andrew Kachel and Clara López Menéndez, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions; Los Angeles, CA

06.14 Couplings, curated by Piper Marshall, Taylor Macklin; Zurich, Switzerland

06.14 A Meditation on (Nothing But Flowers), ‘Cave Detroit; Detroit, MI

06.14 Paper for the Sky, Interstate Projects; Brooklyn, NY

02.14 Picture Farm Film Festival, Picture Farm; Brooklyn, NY

11.13 ORANGATANG [sic] 2nd edition,  Blonde Art Books at Schema Projects; Brooklyn, NY

09.13 One-Night Only Performances: A Tribute to Guglielmo Achille Cavellini (1914-1990), LynchTham Gallery; New York, NY

08.13 CISCO SYSCO SISQO; Rockaway Beach, NY

06.13 ORANGATANG[sic], Picture Farm; Brooklyn, NY

06.13 VIDEOROVER:Season 6, NURTUREart; Brooklyn, NY

04.13 UNSCRIPTED:The Echo of an Address, Columbia University; NY, NY

11.12 Bring Back the Boardwalk, Trais Gallery; New York, NY

10.12 Best of Best of Best of, Helper Gallery; Brooklyn, NY

10.12 The Loneliness of the Middle Distance Runner, Flux Factory; Queens, NY

06.12 Joanna Seitz and Steven Rose, Heliopolis Gallery; Brooklyn, NY

02.11 Tyler School of Art; Philadelphia, PA

04.10 WHEREVER: mfas curate mfas, Hunter College; New York, NY

04.10 Hunter MFA, Crane Arts Center; Philadelphia, PA

07.09 Opening: LEWISFOREVER unt Joanna Seitz, Martinski Fine Arts; Berlin, DE

04.07 Come One, Come All, Third Ward; Brooklyn, NY

05.06 War and Peace: the Next Chapter, Brecht Forum; New York, NY

10.05 War and Peace, Supreme Trading Gallery; Brooklyn, NY

03.05 Dance Theater Workshop; New York, NY

02.05 EXPOSED: Photographs of Personal Space, Naked Duck Gallery; Brooklyn, NY

09.04 North Gallery at Splashlight Studios; New York, NY

04.02 Emerging Arts Exhibition, Altman Gallery; New York, NY